SSD® Control Technology, Inc., was founded in 1992 as a machine tool builder and controls engineering company. SSD® quickly found a niche in the  PVC fence, railing and deck industry  and is known throughout that industry as the leading manufacturer of vinyl fence, railing, and deck fabrication equipment since 1992.  SSD® ’s product line includes but is not limited to high-speed CNC routers, CNC saws, multi-head drill stations, and various special machines, manual and automated, for the vinyl, plastic and aluminum fabrication industries. The original facilities were located in Bremen, Indiana.  The business was moved to South Bend, Indiana in 1994 and was later relocated in South Bend, Indiana in 1996 to their current facilities located at 1801 South Main Street.  In 2001 additional facilities were purchased adjacent to the existing building, effectively doubling their manufacturing capabilities.  Over the years, SSD® has grown from a small startup into a multi-million dollar business.  Their current manufacturing capabilities include a complete machine shop with machining centers, vertical mills, lathes, a paint booth, and a complete weldment fabrication shop.  All engineering and design is performed in house using the latest computer-aided design software.  This has resulted in a reputation for innovative, cost effective manufacturing and fabrication solutions for their customers.  All sales, domestic and international, are conducted from the same location as well as after the sale service.

In 1994, the SSD® founders established Inertia Friction Welding, Inc., to extend and complement its control technology and machine building capabilities.  This partnership in technology expands their ability to offer customers practical and sound solutions to additional manufacturing applications.

IFW is recognized as a technology leader in the inertia and friction welder industry.  IFW offers a complete line of true friction welding systems, hybrid friction welding systems, and inertia friction welding systems.  All sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service are conducted from the same SSD® location.

SSD® and IFW have combined to provide equipment and engineering solutions to a wide range of customers, including automotive, aerospace, oil, vinyl extruders, and vinyl fabricators. SSD® and IFW ’s innovative design and engineering efforts have also yielded patents that reflect not only their talent, but also their long-term commitment to their respective industries.

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