General Description:
Duties include programming, system configuration, and
technical support for industrial automation and machine
tool user interface applications. Travel may
be required.

Development Details:
Programming environment and target OS is Windows 7 or
Windows 8 Pro running on Intel based PC systems.
Development tools are Visual Basic and C/C++.

Technical Responsibilities:
Develop new applications.
Maintain and enhance the applications.
Provide technical support for the applications.
Provide customer training for the applications.
Assemble, configure, and test PC based computer systems.
Assist in the startup and troubleshooting of CNC and
automated machinery.
In-house application development, support, and training.

Individual Responsibilities:
Reliable, responsible, and capable of working with
minimal supervision. Must be willing to communicate
well with customers and fellow employees. Must be willing
to travel.

Educational Background or Experience (REQUIRED):
Intel based PC hardware.
The main components of this type of system and how they
work and are configured. (We will provide training, however
there must be some previous basic knowledge of these systems).
MS-Windows98/NT/2000/XP/7/8 and LINUX operating systems.
Must be able to function within these environments.

Educational Background or Experience (Helpful, but not required):
Electrical or electronics.
Mechanical or machinery.

Will be given training and supervision on all aspects of
the job. Will learn good software development skills that
that can be applied to any application. Will stay up with
the latest industry standard software and hardware within
the PC industry.

Workplace environment:
Engineering and manufacturing facility.

Company environment:
Business started in 1992.
Company manufactures CNC Machines and Industrial
Automation products and services.